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Silver Necklace Jewellery, Handmade by Dee Ayles, London

About my Necklaces

My jewellery is about contrasting textural surfaces,using silver, gold and gems. The silver’s surface is changed using various methods to give depth and texture.

Sometimes random results can produce beautiful, unique pieces.

Dee Ayles

Jeweller & Designer

Exclusive to Dee Ayles

Organically Inspired – Custom Made by Dee Ayles
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What else do I make?

Make it personal

Bespoke inscription Bangles – Made With Love

Configure a bangle for someone you care for. Select the size, shape, width and gemstones, then add a personal inscription. I will make your bracelet in 2-3 weeks and send it in a lovely gift box to you or your loved one.

All bangles are hallmarked sterling silver and come with two 9ct yellow or rose gold hearts or stars.